Monday, October 23, 2006

A Kangaroo Court?

Two or three times this week I have found myself using the term "Kangaroo Court" to describe the UK "Family Court". I used the term fairly loosely and various dads have come back stating the description was apt.

I decided to Google the term and was shocked at how apt it was. The following description is from

kangaroo court noun

A mock court set up in violation of established legal procedure.
A court characterized by dishonesty or incompetence.

The term is still in common usage by defendants, writers, and scholars critical of a court or a trial. The U.S. Supreme Court has also used it. In In re Gault, 387 U.S. 1, 87 S. Ct. 1428, 18 L. Ed. 2d 527 (1967), a case that established that children in juvenile court have the right to due process, the Court reasoned, "Under our Constitution, the condition of being a boy does not justify a kangaroo court."

If only we could convince the lawmakers in parliament to say

In the UK, the condition of being a boy or girl, whose future is in our hands, does not justify the use of a kangaroo court.

Would this be to much to ask?


The Family Court System

Thanks for your comment Calum. The mess that the "Family Court" system is now in is indeed due to a complex and complicated history. I have simplified my observations down to where I believe one of the fundamental causes lie.

Your comments about grasping lawyers are fully taken on board. The hero in our tale, it comes out more in the screenplay, is a businessman who is fully aware of the entire "legal Mafia" and acts before they can get their claws into his family situation.

The message we have to get across is that to beat the system we have to ignore it as much as possible, and act fast to protect our children and assets. This is perhaps easier for mobile entrepreneurs rather that employed individuals.

The more fathers that contact groups like ours before going to lawyers the better chance they have of frustrating the system.

Kind regards

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Welcome to our Blog

I did not intend to create a blog.

I did not intend to create the website

All I wanted to do was to publish a short story to show that dad's can, with Strategic Planning and Business acumen, totally frustrate the thoroughly discredited "Family Court" system in the UK.

The women's rights movement have taken ownership of these stupid kangaroo court systems to such an extent that the human rights of men and their children in general do not count for anything.

Read the story and share your experiences here. Do not post any details that may identify the children in question.

Pius Whelan